Expert insights: from Collaborative and Commercial Microbiome Research Studies | Webinar Series | 2nd edition

Topic: How the microbiome and diet influence immunity?

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Learn about the relationship between the human microbiome, diet, and the immune system. Professor Liam O’Mahony & Gillian DunnGalvin will discuss the potential of different microbiome-based products (such as probiotics, prebiotics, or live therapeutics) to protect us against infections and associated inflammatory damage. Both theoretical and practical considerations will be presented from a clinical research perspective.  

Humankind faces a crisis of a communicable chronic disease that attacks the respiratory system, better known as Covid-19 or the Coronavirus. Due to the unprecedented arrival of this highly contagious disease, there has been a worldwide scramble to better understand the human immune system, its functions, and most importantly, what can we do to strengthen it. However, the immune system spans much further than the respiratory system, see below some examples:

  • The immune system is present in all organs of the body​

  • Extensive sensory capabilities​

  • A vast array of molecules for communication and effector functions​

  • Ability to learn, adapt and remember​

  • The majority of diseases have an immune component ​